Son Shine Club

Son Shine Club is designed t help kids build godly character, reinforcing the principles parents are teaching at home. It demonstrates practical ways to implement these character traits into daily life with skits, songs, scripture, and games.

Large Group Time

Large Group Time is an opportunity for leaders and kids to take a more in-depth look at the character quality definition and verse. Large Group also includes skits!

Small Group Time

Small Group Time is an opportunity for the kids to interact with a just a few peers and team leaders. They will talk through the character quality and work on memorizing the verse and definition.

Scripture Memory

Each year, we memorize a different Scripture passage. We use hand motions to help keep the Scripture in their minds and help to shake out some energy.


Snack time...what more needs to be said.  Snacks don't happen every week, but are eagerly anticipated!


Song time helps kids to get out some energy and reinforces the lesson in a way that kids can remember.


Games are always a fun time! They range from relay races, to memory games, to Cap'n on Deck.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about Son Shine Club, please reach out and let us know!