What We Believe

We believe that:

  • The Bible is God's true and trustworthy Word to mankind.
  • The triune God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) miraculously created the Heavens and Earth by His Word and for His glory.
  • God created mankind in His own image to know, love, and glorify Him.
  • All of us (beginning with Adam and Eve) are guilty of disobeying God's holy law, and thus deserve God's judgment of death.
  • God the Son incarnate, Jesus Christ the Lord, bore our guilt and God's judgment when He was crucified on the Cross, making full atonement for our sin.
  • Jesus Christ, bodily resurrected on the third day, is the only Savior - saving all who come to Him in true repentance and faith.
  • All who believe in the Lord Jesus as Savior are born again to a secure new life of discipleship within the Church of Christ.
  • Jesus Christ is coming again!

WE Desire to bring glory to God by:

  • Worship the Worth of Christ
  • Know the Word of Christ
  • Live the Life of Christ
  • Proclaim the Grace of Christ
  • Train Servants of Christ

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